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Coolabah is a superfine polyester / cotton “Japara” quality tenting fabric.

It has been especially designed and developed for the continental and family-style frame Tent, for both roofs and walls. 

Coolabah is also recommended as a high quality walling for campervans where a large amount of fabric can be folded into a tight compact area.

The Dynaproofed™ process guarantees to be waterproof with every batch of canvas being produced to exacting standards. The Dynaproofed™ chemical formulation also combines for resistance against degradation caused from harmful UV, as well as resistance against bacteria, algae and fungi growth. While the canvas guarantees to be waterproof, the technically superior production system for Dynaproofed™ Canvas fabrics ensures the chemical formulation is fully immersed into the base fabric and squeezed into the fibres.

This system allows the fabric to "breathe" as the woven base fabric is not sealed by a coating.

Technical Specifications

Composition 65/35% Polyester Cotton Plain weave Japara
Width 204cm
Weight 275gsm
Made in Australia
Skrinkage 2% in warp
Care and cleaning New canvas should be thoroughly wet before use and allowed to dry. Repeat 2-3 times to ensure sealing up of the seams in all finished product. • Clean only with cold water and brush - do not use soap or detergent. • Ensure product is completely dry prior to storage. • Do not expose to petrol, oil or solvents. • Restore well worn products with our DYNAPROOF proofing agent. Available in 2ltr, 4ltr and 20ltr drum.