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Few people know that Australia's famous Oilskin was actually born at sea. Sailors learnt that treating old sails with linseed and whale oil would produce incredible protective wet weather gear.

Technology has come a long way since then, and WCT's Oilskin is engineered to keep the wearer dry in the heaviest of thunder storms, while being strong enough to withstand working life on the land.

WCT Oilskin is produced from 100% Cotton, enabling the fabric to breathe. This property lends the fabric to not only high performance wet weather gear, but stylish casual clothing such as jackets and vests as well.

Technical Specifications

Composition 100% Cotton
Weight 420gsm
Width 155cm
Colour Brown
Made in Australia
Care and cleaning Oilskin has a waxed finish so should be keep away from any solvents, they will just remove the wax and the waterproofness. Surface dirt can be removed with warm soapy water but do not use bleach. Test out any proprietary cleaners first.