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Canvas awnings not only save you money on heating and cooling costs, they also add value to your home, lifestyle and personal comfort all year round.

Our durable and superior polyester cotton canvas collections are manufactured in Australia to withstand the rigours of the most demanding Australian conditions.

The fabric protectors effectively repel most stain causing agents with their proven, water based, preventative formula. This ensures that the fabric is mould and mildew resistant providing a water, dirt, dust and oil repellent barrier. The fabric protection is totally invisible and makes cleaning and maintaining the fabric much easier.

AUSTRALIAN brand Hunter Douglas Canvas

Technical Specifications

Composition 52% Polyester 48% Cotton
Finish Stain repellant and mildew resistant
Width 220 cm
Weight 498 gsm
Colour Fastness (AS2001.4.21) 6-7 Blue Scale
Warranty 5 year
Made in Australia
Care and cleaning Cleaning can be done by lightly sponging with lukewarm water (37◦C), rinsing immediately and thoroughly. DO NOT scrub the fabric. DO NOT use soap powder, concentrated soaps, detergents or cleaning fluids. Keep insecticides, solvents and fuels away from fabric. Should mildew spots appear brush them off before they become attached. Persistent mould or mildew growth should be treated with a diluted mix of 1 part White King to three parts water, apply evenly to the outside working into the fabric with a sponge mop or broom. Hose the solution off thoroughly after 15 minutes continuing to hose down until runoff is clear. If mildew is not completely removed allow canvas to dry then repeat. NOTE: do not allow the solution to remain on the canvas longer than 20 minutes with out thoroughly rinsing or damage may occur.