Internal Window Coverings Ramie


Roller Blinds
Roman Blinds
Panel Glides
Vertical Blinds

Ramie is available in a Blockout fabric which is suitable for Roller Blinds, Roman Shades, Panel Glides & Vertical Blinds

Ramie is available in a 3m width and features an indirect, traditionalist linen texture with 5 versatile colours. We have also included a 6th colour that is available in a 2.6m width which is a standout in the range featuring a flax yarn creating dimensional texture.

Australian Made

Technical Specifications

Composition 100% Polyester
Width 89mm + 127mm + 3000mm
Thickness 0.57mm Flax 0.54mm
Weight 445 gsm
Colourfastness 6-7 Blue Scale
Warranty 5 years
Made in Australia
Care and cleaning General Care: Dusting with a feather duster is all that is required to keep your fabric looking good. For the removal of stains like dirt and grime, simply wipe fabric skins with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water. If marks are still visible, add a little detergent. Then dry gently with a clean cloth