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The technology used in the development of the Permaclean self-cleaning finish is based on the observation of the structure of a Lotus leaf, which, despite its development in muddy rivers and lakes, manages to keep clean.

The microscopic structure of the plant surface, covered with numerous superhydrophobic small bumps, allows its leaves never to be wet. Instead, the drops of water keep rolling on the surface of the leaf, carrying with them debris, insects and dust.

Therefore, the Permaclean finish contains nanoparticles that, once applied on the fabric, assemble to form an extremely dense protective layer that keeps dirt on the surface. Rain or simple rinsing is sufficient to clean the fabric. If fabric has not been exposed to rain, ensure a regular hose down to collect any atmospheric pollution that has settled on the surface of the fabric to maintain the appearance of your awning. 

Orchestra Max is coated on the under side with an anti-fungal, UV resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its extremly high water-resistant properties.

Technical Specifications

Composition 100% solution dyed acrylic
Finish Permaclean® special self-cleaning and water-resistant treatment.
Width 120 cm
Schmerber(Water Column) >1200mm
Spray Test 5/5
Thickness 0.7mm
Weight 320gsm
Colour Fastness UV outdoor 4-5/5
Warranty 10 year limited
Made in France
Care and cleaning Max is treated with a special finish which delays the forming and accumulation of dirt. In order not to spoil this treatment, cleaning of the fabric must be done every year respecting the following instructions. Simply brush off any loose dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter with a soft brush, hose down and clean with a mild soap in lukewarm water (37┬║C). Rinse thoroughly to remove soap. DO NOT use detergents. Allow to air dry. For our complete cleaning guide and available cleaning products such as 303 then please contact us. *** Respect the following to prolong the life of your awning *** *** Do not allow dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter to remain on the fabric as this can stain your fabric and can provides a perfect medium for bacteria to proliferate. *** The awning system should be positioned in such a way that there is perfect tension of the fabric with no rubbing. *** In the event of high winds, retract the awning *** In the rain, the awning can be left out, but avoid retracting it damp and leaving it for a long period of time. If for different reasons, you must retract it when damp, let it out as soon as you can to allow it to dry. *** SPECIAL RECOMMENDATION : Remember to care for your awning fabric + to clean it a least once a year for best results.