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Camoflage canvas

DX12 is a medium weight, general-purpose blended polyester / cotton canvas which is especially suitable for a wide range of applications.

These include: swags, marquee and tepee roofs and walls, temporary shelters, under tarpaulins, box-trailer covers and heavy-duty campervan roofs and walls.

DX12 is also perfect for annexe roofs in semi-permanent situations, as well as high quality family marquee roofs and walls.

Technical Specifications

Composition 52 / 48% Poly Cotton Plain weave
Width 204cm
Weight 505gsm
Made in Australia
Shrinkage 2.5% in warp
Care and cleaning New canvas should be thoroughly wet before use and allowed to dry. Repeat 2-3 times to ensure sealing up of the seams in all finished product. • Clean only with cold water and brush - do not use soap or detergent. • Ensure product is completely dry prior to storage. • Do not expose to petrol, oil or solvents. • Restore well worn products with our DYNAPROOF proofing agent. Available in 2ltr, 4ltr and 20ltr drum