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Marine grade strength that won't let you down...

Available in Maritime standard or Maritime Lite

Nautolex Maritime® with its unique patented PreFixx® protective coating is designed to be easily cleaned without showing signs of wear.

With PreFixx® protection, it is possible to remove even the most stubborn stains.

With anti-microbal protection, test-proven stain resistance plus superior abrasion resistance, PreFixx® protected products "peace of mind" outdoor, marine and commercial seating solutions.

Marine Grade Strength Seating Vinyls

Technical Specifications

Weight Maritime LITE is 559gsm and Maritime is 661gsm
Width 137cm
Thickness Maritime Lite 1mm | Maritime 1.07mm
Backing 100% Polyester Filament Knit
Abrasion resistance Wyzenbeek Method using #8 cotton duck-exceeds 400,000cycles. Using steel wire screen-exceeds 60,000cycles
Flame retardant Tested to AS1530.3
Warranty Maritime Lite comes with a 1 year and Maritime comes with a 3 year warranty
Care and cleaning Maritime is really easy to maintain. Most common stains like dirt and smudges simply wipe off. Many difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with active solvents such as nail polish remover without damaging the PreFixx finish, while following the recommended cleaning instructions. Day to day soil Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with mild soap and water solution. Dry with a soft, lint free cloth or towel.