Industrial Fabrics GB650 PVC


Tent Camper Trailers

GB650 is a premium quality tear stop reinforced spread coated PVC that has been developed using the highest quality resins, UV stabilizers and fire retardant inhibiters.

GB650 suits many medium weight applications including rollover tarps, truck and farm tarps, bunker covers, campervans, tool bags, ute box and trailer covers and hire tarps.

Technical Specifications

Coating High gloss acrylic lacquer on both sides
Weight 670gsm
Width 250cm and 320cm**
UV Resistant UV stabilised scrim and coating
Fire resistant Tested to AS1530.2
Warranty 5 Years
Care and Cleaning Keep the fabric clean by brushing regularly both sides of the fabric using a soft-bristle brush and hosing occasionally with clear and cold water. Do not apply detergents, cleaning fluids, soaps or any types of insecticides and garden sprays. Do not allow foreign matter; dirt, bird droppings, tree sap etc, to remain in contact with the fabric. Do not allow petrochemicals or solvents to come into contact with the fabric. Avoid harsh scrubbing or rubbing otherwise the surface of the fabric may damage. Before stowing away your shade solution, ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry. For more detailed cleaning guide for stubborn stains please contact customer service.