Industrial Fabrics Bailey 300 -Protection Solution


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The ultimate outdoor furniture protection solution

Bailey 300 is a cutting-edge technical fabric designed to provide unparalleled protection for your outdoor furniture. Crafted to ensure the harshest weather conditions. Bailey 300 is the ideal choice for safeguarding your outdoor pieces. Its innovative design ensures resilience against all types of weather, making it the ultimate solution for maintaining the longevity + aesthetics of your outdoor furniture. 

Key Qualities:  Waterproof | Stain Resistant | Mould resistant | UV protect | Durable Strength | Easy to clean

Technical Specifications

Composition Polyester - 280dtex
Weight 300gsm
Roll Size 50 metres
Width 210cm
Coating PVC 1 face
Thickness 0.27mm
Tear Resistance Warp: 9 daN Weft: 8 daN
Temperature Resistance - 30 degrees / + 70 degrees
Warranty 5 years