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Clear PVC

EASISLIP is a high quality Japanese PVC from Okamoto that is ideal for both internal and external applications.

EASISLIP is UV Stabilized making it perfect as it can be used to protect and enclose, and provide protection from the sun and bad weather.

Easislip Japanese PVC clear is a world leader in clarity, durability and consistency and is available not only in CLEAR but also a Charcoal TINT.


Window Covering

Technical Specifications

Base Material
Poly Vinyl Chloride Film
137cm or 183cm available in 0.75mm only
0.45, 0.75 and 1mm
Made in
Care and cleaning
Remove any particles on the surface of the material to avoid scratches when wiping with a cleaning cloth. Then clean with a soft fabric cloth using a diluted warm water based detergent solution 1: 10 (1 part detergent 10 parts water). Then rinse completely with clean water and wipe dry with a soft lint free cloth or sponge.